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Upcycled Denim Love Jacket with Mexican Weave Patch

Upcycled Denim Love Jacket with Mexican Weave Patch

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A denim jacket with a rugged and timeless look and woven patches that add a touch of color and global vibes. This jacket can be dressed up or down for a unique and playful look.

Patches have been added to an original Gap Denim Jacket, 1oo% cotton. In addition to being a fashionable statement piece, upcycled denim jackets are also environmentally conscious. By using pre-existing denim material and upcycled patches, the creation of these jackets reduces waste and promotes sustainable fashion practices.

Each piece is one of kind, thrifted and upcycled.

* This jacket is PRE/Worn and sold AS-IS.
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Size small/medium
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